Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

1. My new little niece, Hannah Jeanne Stensler. Born May 11.

2. The apron my mom [and I] made me for Christmas.

3. Lanvin flats, with their hidden wedge in the heel which make them both comfortable and gorgeous, and make me want to wear no other designer's flats ever.

4. Fabulous interesting documentary films like Helvetica, Bomb It, and Man on Wire that get me so excited.

5. Having a job, I am repeatedly reminded of how thankful I need to be for that.

6. Taking the Alcatraz night tour and seeing a gull get protective of the egg she was sitting on (!!!) a few feet from us.

7. Eight bars of my sister's soap as a late Birthday gift.

8. Spur of the moment swimming in the **Russian** River on Memorial Day.

9. Dior Skinflash Radience Booster Pen: concealer with an ingredient to help relieve my undereye circles and puffiness as it covers them.

10. Fondest memories of my grandfather, a man of most character, integrity, strength, wisdom, and joy.


Andy said...

It was the Russian River, unless you defected.

eireann said...

i so did not realize until just this moment that you took soap. which just goes to show how out of it i am.