Tuesday, September 29, 2009

so my darling I'll succumb

sometimes I want to pretend I can fit in, when I realize they invite me because they just don't know; but inevitably:
-I drink gin, not vodka; Trappist beer, not Bud Lite.
-I wear bangs, not eye-makeup; cardigans, not date tops.
-I listen to bands you've maybe never heard of, not top 40.
-I go to church, not brunch.

and I like it.


Kelly said...

you are adorable and awesome.

jen said...

i'm not sure about the gin ... but everything else is fantastic!

John and Clarissa Holtz said...

i like you. and i wish we lived nearer to each other. the class i am subbing for is reading Princess Bride and it made me think of you!