Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello New Jersey!!

Princeton: Days three and four!

We left Philadelphia with love in our hearts for our fabulous hosts, The Krazewski's, after a lazy, chatty morning and nutritious breakfast. We packed up our Kia Rio and got on the Turnpike, Princeton bound.
(these sunglasses came with the car --sweet extra 'eh??)
The rain had lightened up a little, affording us a scenic drive through beautiful fall leaves, and we made it to town by about 2. I'll just say right now, Princeton wooed my romantic heart, and I can't believe that this is what some people know of their "college years." The University is amazingly gorgeous, old, charming, full of towering, heavy architecture in stone and brick and everything you see in movies and on TV.

We strolled the ivy-covered campus, pretending to be dashing co-eds with parent's weekend on our mind, and then headed over to Small World Coffee for cups of apple cider and hot chocolate. We continued our stroll around the town's high streets and did a little shopping (of course) before heading back for a run and a shower and a dip in the hot tub (ahh, resort living). Dinner at the recommended Triumph Brewery, where we each had a sampler of 7 exceptionally tasty 5oz beers, and a delicious dinner.

Tired travelers and recent Phillies fans, we watched the Phillies game and went to sleep, ready for wedding festivities.
Sunday = Jimmy and Nina's wedding day! Chilly and rainy, I still think the Mountain Lakes House where they got married was the most charmingly romantic place, set in the woods, full of fall leaves and on a lovely lake. We celebrated, drank warm apple cider, and awed over Nina's bridal beauty.

I pretty much love Princeton, and would like to visit again. Someone should move there so I have reason, or else, I might just push my kids to live what I couldn't and go to the University (on scholarship of course, that it ridiculous kinds of cash).
On the way to the airport the next morning, we stopped at Dunkin' Doughnuts, (since it was open at 4:30am, why not?) and I have to say: not impressed. That was NOT good coffee, but for the morning Andy and Kerry ran on Dunkin'.
Andy got on a train to Maryland, I flew out of Newark alone, and said goodbye to the East Coast's seasonal charm, to our Kia Rio, and to vacation-living.
Until next time, Mid-Atlantic, thanks for the memories.

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