Friday, January 18, 2008

Marco!! (polo)

I finally adopted some new pets. Meet Marco. (like polo the water game? HA!) (--so I walk in the room and yell "Marco!!" --HA again!!)
ALSO ---unnoticeable in this photo is Sam, a tiny little snail. He was a GWP! (HA AGAIN!!-- oh man.) He is really very tiny, and I often have to really look for him.

Marco is not nearly as fat as I was hoping, he is a more common-ish goldfish, not a perscale, but I know that it's not kind or confidence-building / friendly to compare someone to their predecessor, so we'll leave it at that, and say one last time how much I loved Steve. What a great trooper he was, moving with me three times, once in a water bottle in the cup-holder of a U-Haul. Love you buddy, sorry I couldn't keep you alive.

I think Marco is finally getting adjusted. It's been two and a half days now, and he is finally starting to swim around, instead of just parking on the rocks at the bottom of the bowl and making me think he is dead and sunken.

I hope we will become good friends.




Moschino Signature Platform Pump

Hot. I'm a 38 if you're feeling generous. If I only had an extra $450 budgeted for shoes, and was not saving for a vacation, or anything else. I need a sugar daddy. They would be so perfect underneath white wide-leg trousers, or a cobalt blue dress. Hot.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Girl About Town

I went on Domino's site today to change Courtney's subscription address, and saw that Rita Konig (Girl About Town) is coming to San Francisco to do a shopping trip, and was looking for suggestions of where to go. Of course I have suggestions! Here is what I sent in:

Hooray for San Francisco!!

I love Nest (on Fillmore), The Apartment (18th at Mission), and Flipp (on Green at Polk).

***You absolutely CANNOT miss 826 VALENCIA.*** (Valencia at 20th).
It's a pirate shoppe in front, and a writing workshop for grade students in the back, put on by the fine folks of McSweeney's. Be sure to check out the fish theater and to grab a few books. Little Otsu is across the street, and also worth a gander while you're there for great cards and paper goods. The Apartment is around the corner, and there are tons of great boutiques on Valencia, both home and clothing. X21 Modern is great, and Monument for mid-century / modern, and I love Architectural Elements. Also great is Dog Eared Books(all on Valencia).

Have a pastry and coffee at Tartin (NY Times calls it the best bakery in the US), and then head up to Fillmore for more fun, great boutiques and shops, including Jonathan Adler and Benjamin Moore.

For food, Luella in Russian Hill on Hyde, and Zazie in the Haight/Cole Valley, at Cole and Carl. Also over there is a really great cheese and wine shop Say Cheese (on Cole at Carl), and there are great dress shops on Haight.

For music, the be-all-end-all is Amoeba, where the litany of a hundred people all flipping though rows and rows of cd's fills your ears. It's very Nick Hornby.

This is one of the very best cities, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

Maybe she will email me and tell me to be her tour guide, it's true, I should.
Unfortunately I posted it twice, because my computer was acting up. DANG. Hopefully they will delete one so I don't look like a dolt permanently.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

let's make believe that we are wealthy for just this once.

And on to 2008, the year of kindness.

I hope for these things:

*to do the best at where I am.
*to learn to save, to learn to deny myself.
*to be financially responsible.
*to continue to have adventures.
*to take a real vacation.
*to learn to truly love, and to appreciate the love I've been given.
*to better keep in contact with those I love.
*to spend more time outside.
*to create more.
*to dance.
*to work on my body.
*to not have my heart broken.
*to pursue a degree.
*to get zero parking tickets.