Saturday, May 31, 2008


Tonight after work, Lara and I walked down to the Mish for a Belgian beer at Frjtz on Valencia. It turns out they took Affligem away, which was the very best thing they had going for them (it was even on DRAUGHT!). Now they are just pretty inside. Anyway, while very sleepily walking home, I found this little bird confusedly hopping on the windowsill of a shop on Valencia, and repeatedly trying to fly into the window. So I tried to pick him up, and he let me! He was so tiny and sweet, soft and weighed nearly nothing, and the very best part: HE LOVED ME!! He didn't try to fly away, and I walked four blocks until we found some nice trees to put him in on 16th at Church. I had to practically force him into the tree he wanted to stay with me. I wish I could have taken him home and loved him forever, little Chester.

I am so dead tired. Tomorrow is girls day to Sex and The City!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Muito bem obrigado

I watched City of God, finally, after having it sit on my dresser in it's red paper dress for nearly two weeks, and WOW. Intense: yes. Beautiful: YES. Interesting and captivating, brilliantly cut and beautifully shot, poignant and stingingly harsh; I couldn't help but LOVE it tremendously. I love the way it's told, broken into stories and the perpespective and how it pulls at you. Very well done. I can't WAIT for City of Men to come in July. WOW.

I immediately emailed Johnny, of course I couldn't help but think of him, our little Portuguese director-to-be, film-lover. How I hope he loves back.

Added bonus: all in Portuguese meant I got to hear and train my ear to that tricky rhythm and accent of the language that I'm not getting from the book or from not having anyone to practice speaking with.

SEE IT. And let's go to Rio, but not to the projects please.

Monday, May 19, 2008

12K = 7.3 miles

Thank you San Francisco and ING for ripping off competitive runners and thank you competitive runners for paying the high price and making Bay to Breakers possible, you guys are the best.

Wow, those Kenyans are fast, and lean and have amazing legs. Wow, what is it with old men and the idea that it's okay to walk 12K on public streets naked? Wow my calves are soo sore from walking across this perfect city and running part of the Hayes Street hill in flip flops. Wow, really "How about in thirty seconds you and I will be making out?" is your LINE?? Yeah, lets wait that thirty seconds and SEE if we're making out, really.

Hippies. (kerry, ali, krista, julia, simona, natalie)

For someone who hates and is very uncomfortable with chaos, I love the chaos that is Bay to Breakers. I love that it is the cities biggest public party and that 80,000 people are walking/running the streets, spanning the entire length of this great city in a solid mass for hours. I love how creative people are with their costumes and floats, and how I walked into some random house on Fell and used their bathroom without them knowing, and then walked right back out again, that everyone who heard the heavy thud mourned for the group who's keg fell off their float as they turned the corner onto Hayes. I love the sense of community involved in one 12K long Sunday Funday, and that the whole city gets up at 6:30am to do it.
Peace and love man, peace and love.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gimme your hand and lets jump out the window

It makes me happy how many people love and use Dolores Park like me.

These kids were having a paper airplane contest! Or at least they were lining up and throwing them repeatedly. Awesome:

Just a few days ago I was lamenting to my mom how I'm tired of being cold, and out of nowhere it's 90 degrees in the city and I'm sweating, thank you very much! For a few days it has been the most beautiful weather, though it began to turn a bit today, of course, because I finally got to not be at work all day. I left work at 2pm, and headed straight to Dolores Park and read outside. The Shins made for a perfect soundtrack, and when exhausted Delta Spirit lent a dancy hand, both only adding to elevate my mood, man I love The Shins. How I love it here. Dolores Park is the best, and it's mine. I love how everyone uses the parks here, and am glad to live so close to Dolores Park. It was a lovely day.
Tomorrow: Bay to Breakers!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

She's my Man

Article in the SF Gate

Lara and I walked off the train at Castro Station after work tonight to hear thumping bass and loud music, more than a passing car at 10:30pm. Upon walking up and out, we found the party in the street. The block of Castro St from 18th to Market was closed off, and there was a DJ spinning techno beats and the entire community out partying in the street --dancing, drinking, kissing, and celebrating the California Supreme Court's morning ruling that gay marriage is constitutional.
Posters and stickers and signs with catchy phrases and statements like "Liberty Justice and Marriage for All" echoed the stenciled grafitti all over 18th st sidewalks and their plea to "End Marriage Gay Shame."

If we weren't so exhausted from working late and the thought of being back to work at 8am the next day wasn't looming overhead, we would have dropped our things off at my house and come back out to dance in the street to bad music, but instead tackled the issue at hand:
Well where does the 24 pick up if the street is closed, and how to get home??

Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh Elizabeth

Sometimes the weight gets me down. I composed this potent prose of my lonliness, unsastisfaction, and musing (as this space is typically reserved for) but out of pride, trepidation, and yes hope, have left if off the page in wait of what the morrow brings. I sit here under the covers of my bed with 2 extra blankets to comabt the cold, letting Amos Lee cry for my heart and becoming emotionally involved in Eat Pray Love, and will say only this: my life is a tortured series of dichotomies as I wait for one or another to finally come to fruition and rule the roost. In perfect form I am torn between the ideas that this is what I love and what I hate about everything right now.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Um, Oak and Baker? Well, there are the shoes...

Hah! Yesterday was Annie's last day at Stonestown, so the 3rd floor went out for drinks after work, and then ladies to Rye. We left Carine's car parked on Oak, a sweet spot, perfectly parallel parked in front of a pair of shoes on the sidewalk (oh this city)and headed out. This morning Carine and I went to get her car, walked up Oak to Baker and her car was not there, but the shoes were now in the gutter, and the signs lingering on posts above the street read: "No Parking 7am-9am Tow Away mom-fri." You must be joking, right? HAH, nope. Bus back to Castro, train to Powell, Cab to Bryant, $280 and a few photos to commemorate the ridiculousness of the event and Carine was finally headed back to Walnut Creek to shower and change for work tonight. So I guess I'll forgo that pretty blue top from Savvy for now, I gave that money to the freaking Man instead. DANG!