Thursday, April 17, 2008

if you're feelin' what I'm feelin' come on

A twist on the list for the last one-and-some happy weeks:

I am a dance machine, and it has been awesome.
Sat night at Bubble Lounge for Evanne's Birthday and champagne:

-which lead to later dancing at Maggy Magarry's, my new favorite place to dance in the city. Except that it was sooo hot inside, becuase it was so hot outside!! I didn't even take a sweater, and I wore a little black dress! Amazing.

Kickball was the very right decision. I wait excitedly for Wednesdays! (but still feel like puking a little when it's my turn, or everytime they kick the ball when I'm shortstop.)

Sometimes I miss the sun and lazy sports attitude of San Diego, and while I understand that this is still be a Giants game, and therefore less fun that a good ole' Padres game. I will have to wear a sweater, coat and scarf instead of watching from the lawn in a sundress and flips, and there will be no Swinging Friar or Pennysaver Push, it will still include a tofu hotdog and crappy beer for way too much money.
BUT HOW GOOD ARE THESE SEATS? 23rd row, lower box. I could definitely get used to baseball games like THAT, but MAN I wore so much clothing and was still very cold.

And a very good fireworks show made up for the fact that both my cities teams suck this year and played a game that showed it.

LAST weekend: Bar Golf in North Beach for Ali's Birthday! OH MY GOSH.

*I lost my glasses after Kickball last week, in the melee that was the night. SUCK. I called Bar None twice and they didn't find them, and I can't get an eye apt until next Thursday, and am realizing HOW MUCH I need my glasses. [plus, no vision insurance money for the lenses for another 6 months means I won't be replacing my Prada frames. :( ]
*And I left my beautiful Roberto Cavalli snake heels on the M Train on the way to work on Monday. DANG IT!! I called immediately after getting off the train without them and filed a claim and asked that they be grabbed, and posted a Craig'sList lost and found but to no avail, I have not heard of them. I bet their at a Cross Roads somewhere by now.


Remember these?

They're coming to me in the mail in 3-7 days. HECK YES.

Thank you, please come again.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


*I had such fun the last two nights it should be illegal.
*Friday night kereoke at the Mint with David P = the best. I was doubtful when I walked in, but quickly proven wrong.
*Last night I danced sooo much, got very hot, and woke up this morning with a head-ACHE.
*There was a small part of me that wanted to finish the golf game, but Maggie Maggerry's was so stinking awesome with their most amazing band and dancing that I hoped we'd never have to leave.
*I wish I had taken pictures, because everyone looked so great. I don't know why my camera wasn't working.
*We could have maybe won, I could have drank much more, but am so glad I didn't.
*I am excited for kickball to start wednesday.
*I am sad and excited for my friend, but happy at how I got to catch up with the girls I'm missing so much because of it.
*I am ALSO excited for Lara to come work at my store starting tomorrow!
*I STILL need to do laundry and grocery shop, and did NOT make it out to the ballet BUT:
*Photos are up and can be viewed at, under SEE.
*my computer has been acting up, and it makes my life slower, and full of frustration.
*I miss pub-quizzing, and wish other people were loyalists and commitment freaks like me.
*I need a haircut, and still want to cut it AAALLLLL off short. At this point, why not? It's not like I have anything that matters what I look like coming up if it ends up being that bad, right?
*I laughed out loud a lot today, while alone in my room: Reading David Sedaris, and looking at Sheila's photos from our trip.