Saturday, July 30, 2011

Today is my grandfather's Birthday, or would be. At 92, he lost his battle with prostate cancer last year, the day before our wedding.  A man like they don't make any more, my grandfather was heroic.  He was noble, kind, generous, and full of integrity, and full of life. He was proud of his family: of his wife of his children, of his grandchildren, of his heritage, of the life he lead. He built homes with his hands, and a home with his heart. He served in the military, in the home, in the church, in the community.  
My life was spent learning from him: learning cards, dominoes, German, our family history, and all kinds of life lessons.  He paid each grandkid $20 to read Tom Brokaw's book The Greatest Generation because he felt it so strongly represented him and what he lived through, and was so important that we know about those times.  He cut articles out of the newspaper he thought we needed to read and mailed them to us;  we would have to initial them, and then send them along to the next grandchild to do the same. He cared so much that we make good decisions and do the right thing. He was an amazing father, and a terrific grandfather. We still celebrate you Grandpa, and are thinking of you today especially.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Have a beautiful weekend!

Even though I’ll be working tomorrow, I’ve been waiting for this weekend all month – Monday is August, and it means work eases up and calms down, and I start getting my Saturdays back. I think my whole company is holding their breath until then.
Andy’s been in DC these last few days, and flys home tomorrow. Casablanca is playing in the park tomorrow night, and if Andy's up for it, we might go with some friends! Here’s a little photo of Andy having his Birthday lunch at Town Hall last week. Have a great weekend!

A Breath Of Fresh Airline

I love Virgin America's ad campaigns. I'm desperately dreaming of a get-a-way weekend ASAP, whether it's camping in the mountains, exploring a new city, lounging pool-side, or eating on a patio over-looking the water (beach, sea, lake, sure), I'm hopped up on dreaming of summer weekends (two things that don't go hand-in-hand in my life) and looking for a quick August vacay.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have you driven a Ford lately? I have.

Funny thing:  I'm somewhat afraid of ANY abnormality having to do with our car and driving.  One of the very first days I started my new job with my new car commute, (literally, like day 2 or 3) I had to drive down San Jose for a meeting. It was a stormy morning, I said goodbye and good luck to my dashing husband, walked up the street and found the car with a flat tire. Umbrella in one hand and coffee in the other, I ran back to our apartment, hoping Andy hadn't left yet, and could help me change the tire in the windy, rainy, messy, morning, and not ruin my tights or dress by kneeling in the muddy street.  Turns out, I had driven over a screw, which was slowly leaking all the air out of the tire. I think that day shattered all my confidence.
Since then, I find myself checking before I get into the car for flat tires and the like, and realized last night after dropping Andy at the airport, that I was nervous something might happen with the car while he was away.  Perhaps it's because I didn't buy it, perhaps it's because I spent four blissful years not driving, perhaps it's that marriage has made me seemingly less independant (before, had I a flat tire on my own car, I would have just changed it myself, and did a number of times). It's true that I know next to nothing about our car. It's a Ford; I've never owned an American car. I know that the gas tank is on the wrong side, the gear-shifter works differently, the windsheild wiper controll is goofy, and the headlights turn on with a dial on the left dash.  I just assume that under the hood is equally backwards, and live in constant fear that I will be stranded, late, scared, and in danger somewhere, sometime.
I much prefer to be a passenger.

Ahh the hatchback, her most redeeming quality.  We moved our SOFA in it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boys and Girls and Music!

While we were in Bend, we swung by the Bendistilery for gin-tasting (and buying).  They also make vodka, and you can taste for free in their little tasting room, or have cocktails and look out on the gorgeous landscape.  The building is on the same property as the juniper forrest that grows the berries they use for their gin.  We were super hot and so we didn't taste anything but the gins, of which there are now two.  It's interesting to note the different tastes, Cascade Mountian was more of a G&T gin to me, and I thought the Dessert Juniper (on private label) would be best for a martini.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"I say 'America', you say 'freedom!'"

We spent 4th of July weekend up in Bend with Andy's fam, giving us three full (and fully packed) days of Oregon-style F.U.N.
We spent the whole weekend out doors:  We went for a long trail run by the river, we bbq'd, we rode bikes, we picnicked in the forrest, we fed trout at the hatchery, we drank good Oregon beer, we went out on the town and danced until we were sweaty and falling over, we floated the river, we lit sparklers.  We saw the fam, the grandparents, friends, Mike preaching on Sunday morning, the brothers, the Fishers, The Christensons (who were also in town for the weekend!) babies, dogs and magnificent fireworks.

gearing up for the Freedom Ride through town. excellent.

It was a great weekend away, out of the city, and enjoying the slower life of Bend.  Being outside in sunny, warm weather, it felt like Summer.

Pick Ben F.!

I'm embarrassed to say how very into The Bachelorette I am.  It's more than a guilty pleasure, it's a guilty obession. I'm so excited  that I squeal through it, and am sad when each episode is over and I have to wait another week to see what will happen next.  

I am, OF COURSE, pulling for Ben F., the winemaker from Sonoma (who also grew up in San Diego!).


Monday, July 18, 2011

Berlin, Prague, Vienna...Salzburg?

Andy wants to add Salzburg to our Fall travel itinerary.  What do you think?  Is four cities in twelve days too many? If it is, it Salzburg worth it anyways?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who ever knows from the beginning?

"It is our failure to become our perceived ideal that ultimately defines us and makes us unique.  It's not easy, but if you accept your misfortune and handle it right, your perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound reinvention."
        --Conan O'Brien
in his commencement address to Dartmout

ps. you can watch his address here.  (Via Colin Ryan)

Video Wedding Invite

How amazing is this wedding invite??  I can't even imagine how long that took, and I love every second of it. I wish I was as creative as some people!

(Via A Cup Of Jo  (Via Gangsta Bride))

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ahhh fall Prada

Dying over this Prada bootie, especially in grey.  Rediculously hot, and feels amazing on the foot, I'm getting so excited for Fall.

And how sweet is this puffer bow ballet flat?  It just femmes up whatever you're wearing in a way I love.  These will be finding their way into my suitcase this Fall, as they are perfect for travel, don't you think?

Weekend in the Woods

Our dear friend's parents have a home and a dog in the woods, and while they were celebrating their daughter's wedding in Napa for the weekend, we took the house and the dog under our care.  What a treat to escape the city and it's chill for a couple days and be warm and relaxed amongst enormous redwoods and our friend Gus.
We hiked in Big Trees National Park, wine-tasted in darling downtown Murphy's, walked the dog in the woods, drank morning coffee and  BBQ'd dinner on the decks, and took Gus swimming in the lake nearby. 

Nothing to do with space after all

Last month we spent the weekend in Seattle to watch and celebrate my littlest brother-in-law graduate from college.  My two brothers-in-laws live together in Queen Anne in this darling little house, and the whole fam shoved in for the weekend. Tons of fun, we went out and shopped downtown, bought a bunch of crabs and cooked a big crab dinner, we went out on the town; we played and celebrated all weekend!  Congratuations Matt, and a big well-done. Next up: putting it to use.
(cutest ever, and taken by Sarah Mannus.)