Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Saying it best
In seventeen syllables
Is an obsession
2. Dinner parties on warm evenings with warm friends
3. Boston cream pie martinis
4. Rain boots
5. Fall cooking with squash
6. feathers
7. my flatware and it's prescence in my life again
8. Dark and rich colored dahlias in beautifully constructed boquets
9. Handmade jewelry with found/rebirthed items
10. pretty dresses and cozy cardigans

Monday, October 20, 2008

We are the stars of San Francisco

Sometimes I feel so happy about my life that I want to just scream. (In a few days life at work is going to get so full and creep over the rest of my life like a fungus that suffocates a plant.) Perhaps insert background Mates of State song gleefully bounding out happiness.
Praise the Lord for my spirit which is renewed and for the joy I'm finding in life these days. May was a little shakey, June was a rough one, July broke my spirit, August was a blessing, September full of lessons and sunshine, and October has started so well and continues, brimming with hope.

I live here. Come join please.

Unexpectedly went dancing Saturday night which ended up being the best and fullest night. I've missed dancing and I've missed adventures, the random nights are the best. After dancing til wee hours we were sweaty and went in search of sprinklers at my favorite park. Instead what we found was a soapbox car and race lane left over from that afternoon's Soapbox Derby (I so love my city). We of course pushed it onto the street and up the hill to ride down. The second time we went higher, and got busted by the 5.0. It's okay, the Po' can't hold us down.

"One more night, that was a good one." -Stars

Friday, October 17, 2008

sorry to say you're not going to meet your husband this weekend.

Dear Boston,
We love you and thank you for hosting us this beautiful weekend. You are fantastic and will not shortly be forgotten. Thank you for treating us so well, for your history, your beautiful weather, housing and fostering incredible thinkers and makers, one particularlly lovely lady, a baseball team and stadium so well-loved, and for making delicious beers, martinis, a touch of fall, and foder for Yelp!ing.
Darling city, please do not hesitate to call should you need an occupant, a letter of recommendation, or some fashion advice.
Miss Kerry A [and Company]

We did, ate, drank, saw, and talked so much. A blessed few days with spectacular weather and wonderful friends who remind me of what love is.

A short list of what we drank that was outstanding:
-Basil Lime Gimlet (!!!) and Stella 75 Martini at Stella
-"Bannana Bread" beer at The Other Side (Young's Chocolate Stout and a banana beer of some kind?) yum!
-Blueberry Beer and Peanutbutter Porter at Boston Beer Works
-Pumpkin beer (in mugs rimmed with cinnamon and nutmeg = delicious)
-Boston Cream Pie Martini(s) at Omni Parker House [incredible, soo yummy]

A short list of things we did and saw:
-The South End Market
-Beacon Hill
-Some of the Freedom Trail
-Fenway Park tour
-Rooftop party on Newbury Street
-Harvard Square
-Yousuf Karsh and Art Nouveau Jewelry exhibits at The mfa
-MassArt and The Speaker Project
-Wally's for blues and Guiness

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My heels are high, my eyes cast low.

Stars at the Fillmore. A fantastically good show and night.

Yes please and thank you very much.
No poster, what?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Shepard Fairey show at White Walls Gallery
through Oct. 4


Critics call Shepard Fairey unoriginal because he recycles images he has not created, but I find his work incredibly amazing and exciting; powerful and beautiful, his message combined with the detailing makes me think. Mostly it excites and inspires me.