Thursday, November 6, 2008

because it's what i'm thinking.

I think it unreal and slightly shifted that California voters think that selfish and irresponsible 16 year old girls should be able to have abortions without parental notification but that consenting and loving adults should no longer be allowed the freedom to be committed to each other for life through civil marriage.

We the church chastise the gay community for their sexual escapades but refuse to realize that we are a significant part of their uncommitted sexual lifestyle. We refuse to recognize them as citizens entitled the same rights to enter into a legal covenent of love and committment, with more severe consequences to infidelilty. More importantly, how the Bible defines marriage should be completely irrelevant to our legislature.
I'm so glad we are able to lead the way with a high-speed train, but cannot set the example with committing to civil liberties. California is not as forward-thinking as it would like to think.

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Kelly said...

eek. The underage abortion thing is terrifying.

and seriously, can we(as a country) just honor same sex marriage? C'mon.

State of California-I love and adore many of your residents, but you are a ridiculous state. Seriously.