Sunday, August 24, 2008

Boots all dirty, sexy and thin

Oh MAN, Ryan Adams rocked me again, how he does me right. He always delivers and last night was absolutely no exception. I sold my extra ticket and went alone, so it was all mine. They played until 1:30am, (started at 10:15) and I danced all, danced all, danced all night. YES. I love how he absolutely brings the rock, and everyone danced, because you just can't not. He and those Cardinals man, they know how to do it.

Set highlights (and he played two sets) include:
*Beautiful Sorta
*Shakedown on 9th ST
*Cold Roses
*When the Stars go Blue
*Easy Plateau

Ultimate happiness, feeling and life is a Ryan Adams show.
He gets me through.


Kelly said...

I am so jealous. Stars go Blue is one of my faves, as is him singing wonderwall(um, waaay better than Oasis, no?)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great videos. I too was at this show and it was simply fantastic. Do you happen to record any part of Easy Plateau – specifically the haunting jam when Ryan was just killing the strat?

miss kerry said...

i did not.
who are you? next time you should go with me so i have someone to talk to between sets.