Monday, August 18, 2008

We layed about in our summer skin

Last Sunday Court's baby shower showed off this little gal in her belly (and Courtney is so darling pregnant).

Home to San Diego for a few days of sunshine and good friends. So great to catch up with people I love, and relax, take it easy in their presence, knowing they care for and understand me. (Hmm, why didn't any of the boys take pictures with me?) A week of non-stop chatting, catching up, and loving every minute of it, especially these girls:

Time at the Sousa beach house felt like a true vacation, late warm nights of Olympic watching, waking up to sun and salt water, with no pressure of running errands, making lunch dates, or getting things done except spending time with this best girl, and her husband and my new four-legged sidekick Baxter:


Kelly said...

Is That Casey's dog?? So cute!!

And I LOVE that blue dress. If it would fit me I'd considering driving al the way to SF to theive it from you.

Kelly said...

and I forgot to mention that your hair cut is AWESOME!

eireann said...

what, no love for cheryl? how come she got cut out of the photo??