Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MIT Chapel

I think there is something so wonderful about buildings that are designed specifically for worship.  I think it's something we've gotten away from, at least in California, and even more specifically, in Southern California.  When searching for a new church after moving, I was hopeful for a building that was designed as a church, with that single purpose.  Not a church that met in another building, not a church that moved into a strip mall, not a church that built itself a sanctuary that was more function than form, even though I believe wholly that church is about the people and community, not about the building.  I think there is something special about seeing God's beauty while in a place that reflects his creations creativity and ability, and for a building that has been built for the sole function of meeting God.

How incredible is this chapel at MIT?  To say Eero Saarinen is one of my heroes would fit the bill.

Don't you just love this light at the altar?  It breaks my heart when churches eliminated natural light, because it's better for media presentations -- power point, controlled lighting, video screens.  What a fabulous place for a wedding.

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