Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resolutions: 2012

2011 resolutions were largely culinary, and we did pretty well, aside from some weight gain:
*produce from the farmers markets, go weekly. (this turned into a CSA box instead)
*pick up our wine shipment in person at least 4 times a year (good reason to get out of the city for the day)
*meal plan weekly
*try at least two new recipes a week
*leave the country at least once

So, for 2012 I'm resolving to:
*buy only seasonal veggies if more than the CSA is needed --this means no tomatoes for a while, and right now it's meaning a LOT of bitter winter greens and squash.
*fight the inappropriate growth of my body
*run a race
*limit meat to one meal a week, if that
*allow myself the freedom to be a better friend, even if I can't be a perfect one
*deepen my relationships at work
*leave the country at least once

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