Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pues, aqui estoy en Barcelona

unas de las cuidads cuales tienen mi corazon mas de todas.

Too much drama at the airport today, courtesy of TAP, Air Portugal, NO thank you very much, but for all my troubles, and a freaking lot of wating today, I recieve a night in Barcelona on them. Whoohoo!!
Here is my short to-do list: (which is more like a to eat list, but it's night, so I can't go see places really)

Patatas Bravas
Churros con Chocolate de Cafe de L'Opera
Passeig de Gracia
La Sagrada Familia (I need to at least see something Gaudi, and see if I can tell what's changed in a year)

I am le tired, but I cannot waste this time in Barcelona with a nap! A hot shower and get some bearings, and then it's into the city I go.

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