Saturday, March 22, 2008

that sweet city, she is a temptress too

In: a tapas bar in Barcelona, Spain.

Enchantress and temptress, her beauty lures me and I feel pressure to do things when I should just go to bed.
Sure, it's no wonder I'm feeling sick, as I haven't really slept in three days. PS, it is 7 degrees celcius here, and I'm wearing as much as i have to stay warm, but am freezing! I've fluffed my scarf up as much as possible, and bought some sore throat tablets from a farmacia, and am thinking it can't be all that cold, but I haven't been able to get warm. I don't really know how cold 7 degrees is, probably not even that cold, but it sure feels it. All combined with not sleeping, and being forced to be flexible--and reap the rewards--and also the consequences, has made my entire body ache and or hurt.
Um, PS, I feel a little bit like prey tonight, as I sit here at this Tapas bar, finally after much walking and seeing and being lost in the cold and wet. It's as if the whole wait staff is rooting for ONE of them to pick me up. I don't appreciate their forwardness, and it is almost midnight already, and I have a 7am wake up call. Since the bus comes only once every 30 minutes, it could take me snf hour to get back to my hotel, so no, I will not let you buy me a beer at the next bar Mohammed from Pakistan. I'm obviously not Spanish (I do not have bangs like every other one, and talk to me for more than a moment, and you'll hear that I'm not) but come on, I'm not your target, and you're not my type. At the airport today, they kept asking if I wanted them to speak in French, apparently I looked very French today. Fine by me, I'd rather look French while in Europe than American. And the French are known for style. Thank you lost equipaje counter man, now if you could only have worked quicker with the people before me.
Sangria and the warmth of being inside, and my tasty patatas bravas, are all taking affect, along with my 4:30am wake up call and very long day of travelling, and I am ready to already be back at my hotel, wash my face, brush my dientes, and hit my cama-- like WHOA.
It's now midnight. It is Easter Sunday. Praise the Lord for His Son who rose today and made it possible for me to know the peace that is Jesus and His blessed salvation. Amen.

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